Goodbye, Winter. Hello, Spring!


This Thursday marks the official end to Sandhill Family Farms' winter CSA season. We are distributing the final winter egg, dairy and meat shares this week. Thanks to all those members who participated. Beginning next week, we'll turn our attention to preparing for the first delivery of the spring season. (Isn't the thought of all those tender spring greens just thrilling? It's really been a long winter, hasn't it?!) The much-anticipated first spring CSA delivery will be the week of May 5th. Spring vegetable and egg shares are sold out, but we've still got a few spots open for dairy and meat shares. New members interested in signing up for vegetables, eggs and fruit can join us beginning the week of June 16th when the summer season starts.

Search for Recipes on our Website

After a long absence, the recipe search feature has returned to our website. The recipe database contains recipes from Peg's newsletters dating back to 2009, and it's searchable by vegetable name or by key ingredient. Check out our homepage to rediscover old favorites or to find new culinary inspiration.

3 New Pickup Locations

  • MUNDELEIN: Total Body Yoga, 201 Terrace Dr, Thursdays 2:00-7:00
  • NORTHFIELD: Temple Jeremiah, 937 Happ Rd, Wednesdays, 2:00-7:00
  • DEERFIELD: First Presbyterian, 824 Waukegan Rd, Tuesdays, hours TBD

Both Mundelein and Northfield appear as pickup site options during the online registration process. Deerfield doesn't appear on the list yet because we're still trying to determine whether there will be enough interest at that site. If you'd like to reserve shares for pickup at Deerfield, please contact and Diane will add your name to the list. Payment won't be required until we confirm the addition of the Deerfield site. This will happen sometime in the next 3 weeks. 

March Farm Photos

Goodbye, funky stalagmite-looking ice formations! You look really cool but we will not miss you.

Hello, beautiful vegetable seedlings! You are truly a sight for sore eyes.


It's the end of March, and there's no place we'd rather be than in one of our greenhouses...

...unless, of course, it's in the henhouse tending to our chickens. A new group of 300 pullets, a mix of DeKalb Amberlinks and Bovine Browns, arrived on Monday. They will start laying eggs just in time for the start of the spring CSA share. Hang in there, everybody. Spring is on the way!

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