Spring Deliveries Start Week of May 5th


The Spring Season starts the week of May 5th. We are delivering vegetables, eggs, dairy, and meat on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Please read the following information completely as there have been some updates and new information. This post contains general information that applies to all members as well as specific information for each pickup site. 


First Pickup Date of the Spring Season
Tuesday, May 6th: Glenview, Evanston, Baxter, and Lake Forest members & those who selected Tuesday at the Farm* as their pickup site.

--Wednesday, May 7th:  Members picking up at Allstate, Buffalo Grove, Northfield and Barrington

--Thursday, May 8th:  Glen Ellyn, Clarendon Hills, Oak Park and those who selected Thursday at the Farm* as their pickup site.

*Members picking up at the farm should always pick up on the specific day you chose at the time of registration. If you can't remember whether you chose Tuesday or Thursday, please consult the member lists below.

Delivery Frequency

Vegetables: every week

Eggs and Dairy: every other week

Meat: every month

Vegetables, eggs, dairy, and meat will be delivered next week. All CSA members are on the same schedule. For example, everyone who has signed up for eggs will receive them next week. The following week no eggs will be delivered to any sites. There is a calendar on our website that will help you keep track of when the different types of shares will be delivered. 

Confirm your Spring Registration on the Pickup List
While we have done everything in our power to make sure that the lists are accurate, we would really appreciate it if you could click on one of the following links to make sure that we've got you down for the correct spring shares. PLEASE NOTE THAT THESE ARE SPRING LISTS ONLY.




Buffalo Grove

Clarendon Hills


Glen Ellyn


Lake Forest


Oak Park

Farm (Tuesday)

Farm (Thursday) 

Unclaimed Shares
All shares must be picked up during designated pickup times. Shares will not be available once the pickup has ended unless arrangements have been made ahead of time. This is especially true for dairy and meat shares due to their perishable nature. We regret that we are not able to give refunds for shares that have not been claimed by the end of the pickup. If you need to make arrangements, please call Jen Miller at 847-207-6330 or 847-548-4030.

According to health codes, we are not allowed to reuse the cardboard eggs cartons and the meat boxes. Please recycle these at home. We do not reuse the dairy bags either, so those should not be returned. Both vegetable and fruit shares will be delivered in reusable plastic crates. Please do not take these plastic crates home with you. They must remain at your pickup site. Also, please return ice packs to your pickup site. We will sterilize and reuse them.

Email List & the Weekly Farm Newsletter
We have streamlined our email process since last season. There is only one email list now for both the newsletter and for general announcements. To subscribe to the list or to add a new email address, scroll down to the bottom of our hompage and enter your address in the "sign up" window. Once you've subscribed, you will receive an automatic email asking you to confirm your subscription. Reading our weekly farm blog will greatly enhance your CSA experience. The farm blog contains photos, recipes, instructions for storing your produce, tips for using unfamiliar vegetables, news from the farm and important announcements. 

Important Dates for the 2014 Season

May 6-8: First Week for spring vegetables, meat, dairy & egg

June 17-19: First week for summer vegetables, dairy & egg
July 1-3: First week for summer meat
July 8-10: First week for summer fruit

Oct 14-16: First week for fall vegetables
Oct 21-23: First week for fall dairy, eggs and meat 

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