Farm Photos: The Best of 2016


Farm Photos: The Best of 2016

January: New chicks arrive and are added to our flock of laying hens.
 February: Twenty-six lambs are born.

March: New hens start to lay tiny practice eggs.
April: Salad greens in the hoophouse are almost ready to harvest.
April: The weather is finally warm enough for the laying flock to go out on pasture.

May: First farmers market of the 2016 season.
May: Tomato fields are prepped and ready for planting.
June: Everybody is excited about the first carrot harvest.
July: Green beans galore!
July: The fruit season begins.
July: The post office delivers 500 more chicks.
August: Eating watermelon straight from the field.
September: Tomatoes are at their peak.
October: Farmers take a break from harvesting squash to practice taking goofy selfies.

November: A warm fall means an extended grazing season for the sheep.

December: The first snowfall means it's finally time to take a rest.

Happy New Year!

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  • Margaret Sheaffer