Each vegetable delivery includes an assortment of 6-10 different organic vegetables.* Produce is selected by us here at the farm based on what is fresh and ready to pick that particular week. The average amount of produce received is slightly more than half a bushel. This is equivalent to a standard grocery bag.

We pay special attention to creating well-balanced boxes and to making sure our boxes are as varied as possible from week to week. On average, vegetables grown by us at our Grayslake and Brodhead farms makes up approximately ninety percent of the produce in the weekly box. We collaborate with several other local organic farmers in order to help protect our members from crop failure and to create a box that is as varied as possible from week to week. 

Information on this page reflects pricing for home delivery. Prefer to pick up at one of our Chicago-area pickup sites? View information and pricing here.

*All produce in the Vegetable Share, with the exception of sweet corn and strawberries, is certified organic by Midwest Organic Services Association.




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