Dairy Shares

We sell cheese, yogurt and butter from May to November through our CSA program. CSA Members may purchase shares of the harvest. A share is...

How often are Dairy Deliveries Made?

Dairy deliveries are made biweekly (every 2 weeks).

What are the Dates of the Dairy Shares?

        Spring Dairy Share: 8 weeks starting April 29th 

        Summer Dairy Share: 15 weeks starting June 24th

        Fall Dairy Share: 6 weeks starting October 14th

What is Included in a Dairy Share?

Each bi-weekly delivery consists of 2 types of cheese, 1 quart of yogurt and a specialty item such as handmade butter or sour cream. The Dairy share highlights the work of licensed Wisconsin dairy artisans.

Brunkow Cheese

Historic Brunkow Cheese, founded in 1899, is located in the rolling hills of rural southwestern Wisconsin. This fourth generation creamery sources cow's milk from 18 neighboring dairy farms. Specialty cheeses include Raw Milk Cheddars and spreads, and Brun-uusto, a Finnish-style baked cheese. The artisan cheeses, identified with the Fayette Creamery label, are handcrafted in small batches and aged in a hillside underground cellar. They include Little Darling,™ a French-style Tomme; Avondale Truckle,™ an English-style, bandaged Cheddar and Pavé Henri, an assertive washed-rind Trappist-style.

Decatur Dairy

Decatur Dairy is a farmer-owned cooperative that is a partnership between a Wisconsin Master Cheesemaker and the farmers of Decatur Swiss Cheese Co-op. The third generation cheesemaker—Steve Stettler—produces award-winning Muenster, Havarti, Brick and Farmers cheeses. Stettler's Swiss is a full cream, lacy-eyed cheese with a mild, nutty flavor. Decatur also crafts Gouda, Smoked Gouda, Fontina and Colby. Decatur has developed ColbySwiss, a combination that produces the flavor of Colby with the sweetness of Swiss.

Edelweiss Creamery

Edelweiss is the only North American maker of traditional 180-pound Big Wheel Swiss. Master cheesemaker Bruce Workman insists on time-honored techniques, handcrafting the Swiss in a traditional copper kettle from Switzerland. Milk is supplied by nearby dairy farms in Green County, Wisconsin's legendary cheese epicenter. Edelweiss also crafts additional specialties, including Butterkäse, Havarti, Grass-Based Cheddar and Gouda. The creamery has partnered with an organization of local farm families to bring a pure but complex flavor profile to a line of cheeses made from the milk of pastured, grass-fed cows.

Hooks Cheese Company

Tony and Julie Hook located their company in the historic "Shake Rag" district of scenic Mineral Point, Wis. and have been making award-winning cheeses for 40 years. Hook's Blue cheese is prized by chefs. The company uses a special aging process to make sure that the 5-, 7- and 10-year-old Cheddars are always moist and creamy. The Hook's Cheddar claimed first in the 2006 American Cheese Society competition. Three newer cheeses are Little Boy Blue, a sheep's milk Blue; Bloomin' Idiot, a mild creamy cheese that is Blue only on the outside; and Red Errigal, a sheep's and cow's mixed-milk cheese that is a mild, somewhat sweet cheese.

Nordic Creamery

Al Bekkum crafts small handcrafted batches of goat and mixed-milk cheeses in southwestern Wisconsin's "Driftless" Coulee Region. Bekkum-Langard family members are not only involved in daily farming but also in cheesemaking, making such varieties as Feddost cheese, a Norwegian flavor tradition made from fresh goat's and cow's milk, infused with cumin and cloves. Another mixed-milk variety, Capriko, is a semi-hard cheese with a sweet, nutty flavor, and also comes in a smoked variety. Mild Goat's Milk Cheddar and Aged Cheddar are made from fresh goat's milk. Mountain Jack cheese is a goat's milk variety with a creamy flavor.

Roelli Cheese Company

Roelli Cheese has been crafting cheese in the same factory for four generations. Specializing in very small batch artisan production, the company uses milk from a single local farm. Dunbarton Blue, the company's signature cheese, is a cave-aged Cheddar with a slight bleu vein, providing the flavor of a fine English Cheddar with a hint of Bleu. The company also makes Cheddar Cheese Curds and some small batches of Jack Cheese, sold at the on-site retail store. A cheesemaking viewing area is open most weekday mornings.

Saxon Homestead Creamery

This fifth generation dairy farm is committed to the highest quality of animal care. A world-class cheesemaker crafts four American Original farmstead cheeses from the milk of Saxon's 450-cow dairy farm. Two varieties have won awards for their excellence. Green Fields—a soft, buttery, aromatic, Monastery-style, washed-rind cheese—received a blue ribbon at the 2010 American Cheese Society competition while Pastures—a full, rich flavored semi-firm Farm Cheddar—received a red ribbon at the competition. Saxony is a firm and nutty Alpine-style cheese. Big Eds is a mild, creamy and buttery farm-style Gouda.

Sugar River Dairy

Sugar River Dairy is a family-owned and operated Grade A plant producing fresh, small batch yogurt using milk from a single local dairy farm. Yogurt is produced from cows that are pasture-grazed and rBGH-free. Sugar River Dairy Lowfat Yogurt is a non-homogenized, cream-line 1% yogurt with fruit on the bottom. Flavors include: raspberry, blueberry, strawberry and peach. Sugar River Dairy's plain yogurt uses natural vanilla and organic cane sugar for a creamy, honest tasting yogurt.

Uplands Cheese Company

Uplands Cheese makes the much awarded Pleasant Ridge Reserve, until recently, the only cheese made by the farmstead operation. The herd is rotationally-grazed on pasture grasses, herbs and wildflowers, and the cheese is made only in the summer months. Pleasant Ridge claims a rare honor—winning Best of Show three times (2001, 2005 and 2010) in the American Cheese Society competition. Beaufort in style, the washed-rind, complexly-flavored, raw milk cheese, is aged in a cave environment. Recently, the company introduced its second cheese, Rush Creek Reserve, a soft-ripened, washed-rind style that tastes of the rich milk characteristics of the fall season. The gooey French-style cheese is made in small wheels wrapped in spruce bark, imparting a piney, smoky flavor.