Home Delivery

Enjoy healthy farm-fresh foods with the added convenience of home delivery! 

Vegetable shares and meat shares are available for home delivery and are identical to shares picked up at the farm and at our neighborhood pickup sites. We're also offering a new monthly dairy & egg combo for home delivery, which is a little different from the dairy and egg shares available for neighborhood pickup. Fruit is currently available only at the farm and at our neighborhood pickup sites.

  • Pricing
    The cost of delivery is already included in the price of home delivery shares. View pricing and descriptions for all home delivery shares here.
  • Delivery Area
    We've partnered with Speedee Delivery to provide fast and reliable home delivery to members in Chicago, Madison, Milwaukee and surrounding areas. Delivery is currently available to Wisconsin zip codes 53000-53800 and to Illinois zip codes 60001-60800.
  • Schedule
    Your delivery will arrive at your door on Thursday of your delivery week. You'll receive a reminder email at the beginning of the week. Not sure if you'll be home when your delivery arrives? No worries! Your delivery will be left at your door in an insulated box designed to keep your food cold and fresh until Thursday night.
  • Packaging
    The type and amount of packaging we use changes with the weather. Ice packs and extra insulation are used as necessary. That said, you should open your box and refrigerate or freeze the contents as soon as possible to maintain freshness. Meat and dairy shares are delivered in styrofoam coolers. Feel free to keep the coolers for your own use, or email us if you have 5 or more coolers and we'll schedule a time to pick them up, free of charge.