Artisan Cheese Gift Box (pickup the week of 11/14)

Our artisan cheese gift box highlights the work of Wisconsin dairy farmers and cheesemakers located in the beautiful countryside surrounding our Brodhead farm. Each box contains an artfully-packaged assortment of four 8-ounce cheeses along with a lovely card that contains information about each of the farms:

'Heritage Weis', a White Cheddar from Red Barn Family Farms
The eight farm families that make up the Red Barn cooperative are committed not only to crafting excellent cheese, but also to humane treatment of their animals. Each farm milks fewer than 70 cows. This number is lower than the industry average, and it allows each cow to be known by name rather than a number.

'Big Ed's', a Gouda-Style Cheese from Saxon Creamery
Saxon Creamery is a pasture-based dairy farm owned and operated by fifth-generation members of the Klessig and Heimerl families. Only the milk from their herd of Jersey and Holstein cows is used to make Saxon's cheeses.

Smoked Muenster from Nordic Creamery
Cheesemakers Al and Sarah Bekkum live on a farm that has been in the family since Sarah's ancestors immigrated from Norway early in the last century. The farm, nestled in Vernon County's lush green valleys, is home to the cows and goats that provide milk for the Bekkums' cheeses.

'Grand Cru', an Alpine-Style Cheese from Roth Kase
Using imported copper vats and local milk, the award-winning cheesemakers at Roth Kase have created an old-world cheese equal to Europe's finest Gruyere.

Order by 11/7 for pickup the week of 11/14 at one of our regular CSA pickup sites.